Harmony OS: Huawei patents name of its new Android replacement

After the US put business sanctions with American firms on hold, Huawei started to look for an alternative for the Android OS for its phones and Windows for its laptops. Previously, it was reported that the company was developing its own OS and had applied to trademark the ‘HongMeng’ name. In the latest development, the company has now registered the name“Harmony” with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.


The agency received the application on July 12 and it is currently under examination. The application reads, “Downloadable operating system programs; Recorded operating system programs; Mobile operating systems; Computer operating systems; Downloadable computer operating programs and computer operating systems.” The “mobile operating systems” and “computer operating systems” mention suggests that this could be a software that will run Huawei phones and laptops.

Earlier this year, Andrew Williamson, Vice President, Huawei Technologies Public Affairs, said in an interview that the company is in the process of potentially launching a replacement for Android. “Huawei is in the process of potentially launching a replacement. It’s not something Huawei wants. We’re very happy of being part of the Android family, but HongMeng is being tested, mostly in China,” a Reuters report quoted Williamson as saying.

For those who are unaware, Google blocked Huawei’s access to its Android ecosystem because of US President Donald Trump Administration blacklisting the Chinese-based company. The new OS was developed in response to this step and was claimed to be faster than Android. It was also reported that the company was in talks with Aptoide to use it as an alternative to the Google Play Store. Following Google, Micorosft also removed Huawei’s access to Windows ecosystem.