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Kitten Trying to Attack Owner is the Cutest Thing on Social Media Today

Image result for Kitten Trying to Attack Owner is the Cutest Thing on Social Media TodayKittens are the cutest thing ever and let’s face it; the internet loves its cats.

And now a video of a kitten is going viral online for the cutest of reasons.

A cat owner who goes by the name @_TakivaBreanna on Twitter recently posted an image of her kitten trying to scare her, and nothing can be cuter to make your day!

In the clip, the kitten can be seen hiding behind the bathroom door and when it sees its owner coming, rushes back to its position, and then jumps out when the person is near it.

Taking to Twitter @_TakivaBreana posted a video of her kitten’s antics and captioned it, “My 8 week old kitten started doing this thing to where she will know i’m about to come in the room and she will hide by the bathroom door and jump out to scare me when i’m walking up. Just thought, I’d share this cuteness.”

Needless to say, the video, which has already garnered 6.95 million views on social media, has been loved by netizens, many of whom have commented on the video.

One user wrote, “I really bookmarked this tweet cause it makes me unreasonably happy. Never delete it.” while another tweeted, “i know this may be a weird request but if you make her an instagram I’d follow it.”

Another user went on to write, “Ahah that’s adorable. Kittens and their murder games.”

A number of users shared videos of their own kittens in the comments section to the original video showing that it is a game most cat’s love.

Interestingly, kittens play because it teaches them survival skills, such as hunting and self-defense.

Playing also teach kittens important social skills as they discover boundaries and learn to inhibit their biting. Furthermore, there help kittens develop coordination, and it is mentally stimulating.