Is Your Company Ready for Cybersecurity Threats?

Andrew Grove, the former CEO of Intel, once said that only the paranoid survive in this modern world. That has certainly been proven true over the past decade as time, and again hackers have broken down walls and attacked the cyber world’s security system in major companies. Knowing the attacks are possible at any time has led to a new awareness of how to be prepared for them. Which of these three levels of readiness do you have?


The inactive approach is largely hands-off. This level of cyber incident response planning complies with safety standards of the industry, with the hope that the company is never attacked. Very few risk assessments are done, and when breaches do occur, they are often unnoticed for weeks, months, and sometimes years.


The responsive approach to cybersecurity is largely placed into the lap of the IT department of the company. With the risk assessments occurring once or twice a year, the response to any breach in their security is minimal, and often outside experts must be called in should a break occur. Because of their awareness of the threats, this company is often constantly trying to update their security but often don’t have the expertise to stay ahead of the threats.


The foresighted approach to security doesn’t wait to react to security attacks; instead, they plan ahead to avoid them. Risk assessments for possible breach potentials take place bi-monthly, and reviews of security strategies and guidelines are evaluated to make sure precautions are in place. These companies realize they could be attacked at any time, so they work with industry experts to limit the availability of data to any outside source.

With the ever-expanding ability of hackers to breach business security systems, crucial structures can be easily damaged. Fight back by taking steps to protect your clients and their data before the eminent attack occurs.