WhatsApp for iOS receives update, adds new emoji categories bar and ability to add contact

What is WhatsApp doing these days? Answer- it is trying its best to make the chat platform more engaging and less complicated by adding new features to it. In one such effort, the company has rolled out a new update for iOS users that upgrades the WhatsApp version to 2.19.30.

iPhone users need to update their app to experience the changes brought in by WhatsApp. The update adds a new emojis categories bar in the app. Once you have updated the app, you will see some new categories inside the emoji bar of the app.

The WhatsApp iOS 2.19.30 update also makes it easier to add contacts now. The iOS users can now add a contact straight away inside the app in simple steps. To do so, go to New Chat>New contact>Enter details. Small but these changes will help better the experience of WhatsApp users on iOS.

WhatsApp separately is also working Advanced Search option and could release it in iOS beta update soon. The feature is said to improve the chat search function in the app. In oppose to the normal search in WhatsApp that lets you to search through only text chats, Advanced Search will help you perform a more refined search.

According to WaBetaInfo, the Advanced Search will allow you to search between all the photos, GIFs, docs, videos, audio and links exchanged on the chat platform. It will also have your Search history which can be deleted using a Clear button.

WhatsApp is working on Group invite feature also. For now, the feature is rolling out to Android beta users only but we can expect it shortly on iOS. Group invitation in one of the most highly-anticipated features on WhatsApp. The feature will basically let you decide if you want to be added to any WhatsApp group or not. WhatsApp will introduce a Groups option inside the Privacy option with options to control who can add you to any group.

There are also words that WhatsApp is working on a new algorithm that would sort Status feeds according to their relevance. The sorting would be based on various factors like who do you interact most with, whose Status do you watch more often or who posts Status more.