PUBG Vikendi snow map quick review: Here are 5 things that you are going to notice right away


It’s 21st December, which means the Vikendi snow map on PUBG MOBILE has been released for players to enjoy. The map was made available for download yesterday; with the package size weighing 132MB. The snow map has been released to keep up with the festive season surrounding this time of the year and features several Christmas-themed gameplay elements, including new clothes and weapons.

Vikendi measures 6×6 on the scale and is a fictional replica of European countries covered entirely in snow. The map features several interesting topographical features such as deserted cosmodrome, coal fields, frozen lakes and barren areas covered entirely under snow. The game also includes two snowmobiles exclusively for Vikendi. However, certain features have been given a miss from the PC/ console version of the game.

Since the map was released earlier this morning, I have been flexing my thumbs over PUBG MOBILE and here are five major things that, in my opinion, make Vikendi easily the most interesting as well as challenging map in PUBG MOBILE. Do note that I have been playing the game on the OnePlus 6T, which is underpinned by a flagship Snapdragon 845 chip and 8GB of RAM as standard. Hence, your experience may vary depending on the device you are playing on.

5 things that make Vikendi unique and challenging

The snow

Until now, we were playing PUBG on maps that were mostly on solid ground with lush green forests and barren sand deserts. With Vikendi, the snow offers a completely different perspective to the battle royale gameplay. The white expanse of Vikendi makes it breathtakingly beautiful in most of the locations, especially with snow-capped mountain ranges dominating the background. The occasional snowfall adds into the charm and the accompanying fog sometimes reduces the visibility. The map maintains a sweet balance of snow as well as arctic vegetation interwoven beautifully. It was this visual magnificence that led me to lose the attention of gameplay strategy and cost me a few matches.

The environmental effects

PUBG MOBILE has always been obsessed with details and the new map is a shining example of that. The developers have not simply strapped a white blanket of snow on the maps, but they have also made sure the experience is special with new environmental effects. The occasional snowfall in some areas of the map makes it unique while the haze as well as fog reduces the visibility at times, but not as intense as the fog in Erangel. On coastal roads with melted snow, sunlight makes the road surface shiny. Even the icy lakes reflect light in a very realistic fashion, which is surprising for a mobile game.

The vehicle dynamics

Tencent Games has been informing that Vikendi will provide for slippery surfaces, reducing the accuracy of vehicular control. I was lucky to stumble upon a snowmobile – the vehicle unique to Vikendi. The snowmobile was great fun on snowy patches with faster speeds and smooth controls. However, I took the snowmobile on the roads and the speeds went down. Also, the snowmobile makes a fair amount of noise and drew attention from a nearby gunfight, almost getting me out of the match. I switched into the usual SUV and while the protection was better from gunfire, it did become slippery on snowfields and ice lakes.

The lack of camouflaging elements

Up until now, the only map that made it difficult to hide during a match was Miramar with its sandy deserts. Vikendi takes that up few notches with sparse vegetation. Even when I tried to use settlements, such a houses and coal mine machinery for hiding from the attack, it made me vulnerable to other enemies. Now that may have something to do with my sub-par PUBG playing abilities, but I am able to snatch victories easily with the same skills in Erangel and Sanhok. With the lack of long-range sniping rifles, it was difficult for me to survive till the end of the match. If you get to land at a vantage point that’s in the centre of the blue circle, don’t leave it in favour of collecting more weapons.

The fun sound effects

I have always felt that PUBG MOBILE is easily one of the few mobile games with great audio engineering. With Vikendi, they have taken that even more seriously. The sound of footsteps on snow is slightly muffled, which makes it difficult to figure out approaching enemies while under cover. I had to resort to headphones to stay alive for long. For escaping the blue zone, I jumped into an SUV and found the radio playing certain jingles celebrating the festive season. I also heard the radio playing the PUBG theme music, which is a bit childish but certainly induces a smile while exchanging fire with your enemies. The vehicle sounds have also been revamped, providing a slightly more authentic feel.

Of course, the Vikendi map has more to offer as my initial impressions are only based on two hours of gameplay. But I can assure you that Vikendi is a fun map that poses a lot of challenge to your battle royale skills and it will certainly demand more attention from you if claiming the Chicken Dinner is a staple for you.